CONFESSION 4: I struggle to identify who I am.

Being a white woman for me is confusing to say the least. In my journey to figure out what my white identity means to me, I have said the word "white" in a quirky, uptight, nerdy manner. I have said it with a sense of disgust and shame. I have said it in connection to my Norwegian heritage. I have said it as the oppressive of personal racism/privilege  in which I am a destructive oppressor. I have more recently been more honest with myself about how I am connected to white supremacy, in the context of how I benefit from it. "White" can mean all of these and it can mean even more within the layers of identity. I am all of these layers, sometimes more aware of certain layers than others. Sometimes these layers fight with each other. I hope to continue to learn to be more aware and comfortable in my identity as I work towards inner peace and social justice.

I also really like kitschy cartoon imagery of white Europeans. I feel like there was a shift in the 1950's and whiteness within illustrations that depicted European cultures.